I can now become an improved better me as I was able to recognise the areas in my life which I am lacking and put actions in place to practise improving my current state of mindThe material which you gave us is also very useful as I can refer back to it and re-evaluate myself. I also found that being in a group it allows us to listen to other people's views.

Deidre Noah

Margaret lives the 6 things happy people know – she knows! She practices gratitude, has a high EQ, is aware of all the possibilities available, lives a balanced life, elevates her life by the things she says and focuses on her strengths! She shares her knowledge and experience in a warm and friendly manner, encouraging everyone in the group to share their story and start or continue on their journey. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn new skills or just to reconfirm what you already know and put one or two new things into practices!

Jenny Casey

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